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Art Gallery AFK

Photochemical Manipulation - Practices and Techniques 

(Workshop - medium / advanced)

For students of art courses or those who want to understand the concepts and the practices of the photographic avant-garde art in the first half of the XX century.


Content / Objectives


The aim of the workshop is to understand the concepts and explore the techniques that defined the photographic image inside modernism as aesthetic and anti aesthetic, with special emphasis on production of the surrealist strategies.


Photogram . Sabattier Effect / "Solarization" . "Bas-relief”


Photomontage . Partially developed . Brulage (Raoul Ubac)




Basic knowledge of darkroom methodologies (film processing/ negative ampliation / filtering and contrast).


Duration and timing of sessions


8 h (4 sessions of 2 h) 



Contact AFK for more information, by email ( or phone +351 919046376


Negative ampliation/



Partially developed.

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