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Tanya Wolski

Tanya Wolski artist

Born in 1984. Lives and works in CT, USA.


Artist Statement



"The purpose of my work is to evoke emotions trough geometric forms of various colours. Colour is the dominating aspect of the painting and is the most complicated one. Palette defines forms which correlate with each other causing emotional reaction. Everyday items like a table, a chair, a suitcase loose their “secure or unshakeable” representation. They became regulated by rules of the created artwork, evoking pure feelings.


Scenery I am seeking for belongs to the past. It sums up the total effect of my experience. The combination of thoughts, emotions and ideas is accumulated into painting. If my concept of art to be introduced, its function must deal with establishing (identifying) the values. A value arises as a synthesis of two opposites. Those opposite entities must be brought into a conflict - the dialog between physical and spiritual world. Culture (anti-material world) is thesis. Directed activity – the physical factor is antithesis. Synthesis is what I desire to achieve.  In other words, Thesis (hocus-pocus super-unreality, a hunt for invisible energies) + Antithesis (inevitable reality of the material world)= Synthesis.


My work of art exhibits venue. For sure, it is rooted in concrete. Apparently, it includes both. Moreover, it is equally distanced from either. Thesis and Antithesis is any attempts to identify itself as autocratic, eventually loses to its opposite. Since none can be subordinate (dominated), they must carry equal power.


When I desire to establish a form of art in that measure, I increase physical impact (antithesis) simultaneously with spiritual attributes (for thesis). The success of my artist experiment depend on the equality (balance) of the two proportions and they ability to employ them. Such equilibrium is my strategy. Therefore, a concept of my Art."   Tanya Wolski

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