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Sven Fennema was born in 1981, Xanten, Germany. Lives near Duesseldorf.


He have been presented in numerous national and international publications & Exhibitions.  


Photo Book on German Market “Different Worlds – Aesthetic of Doom” (First Edition Sold Out)


“Reality is a matter of view”


Starting with the search for the right motif Fennema transcend`s natural boundaries. On his Photographic trips he travels across Europe where he finds unique treasure to photograph. The Focus of his Art are “Lost Places” – deserted places and buildings, stripped of their functions. Whether if it’s a hidden fairytale castle, rust-eaten industrial sites or former mental hospitals. Fennema tells their stories, good as well as bad ones. He captures the ailing motifs in a touching world, somewhere in between the past and today in vibrant and living pictures.


Each of his pictures is the result of the confrontation and connection with a place, its atmosphere and history. From this impact Fennema shapes his concept of an image – Long before he places his camera and plans all the following steps according to his imagination.  



Sven Fennema

Art Gallery AFK

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