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Ralph Graef

Ralph Graef  was born in southern Bavaria and spent most of his life in Munich. Since 2006 he works and lives in Potsdam near Berlin.






2012 - The Traveller - Exhibition of the project with new and newly processed pictures, EineArtGalerie, Rangsdorf. Press: Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung Zossen.


2012 - With A Holga Through Brandenburg; Saba Caffé Bar, Hebbelstrasse 51, 14467 Potsdam; Press:


2011 - ”The Traveller" and ”On The Way" - exhibition of both projects at the arts gallery Albert Baake, Potsdam, Mittelstrasse.


2011 - ”The Traveller" and ”On The Way" - exhibition of both projects at the 4th Kunstallee Potsdam of the Potsdamer Kunstgenossen e.V., Potsdam, Am Neuen Garten.


2011 - ”The Traveller" - exhibtion of the project at the ”Galerie im Treffpunkt Freizeit", Potsdam, Am Neuen Garten; article in the newspaper:


2011 - ”On The Way" - exhibition of the joint projects with Uta Schönknecht at Matschkes Galerie Café, Potsdam.


2011 - ”On The Way" - exhibition of the joint projects with Uta Schönknecht at the Bürgerhaus am Schlaatz, Potsdam. article in the newspaper:


2011 - Travelling Astray - joint exhibition with Michael Schulze; Sax, Munich, Hans-Sachs-Straße.


2011 - Travelling Astray - joint exhibition with Michael Schulze; Dada Gallery, Berlin, Linienstraße.


2010 - Colorado - black & white portrait of the US state; Potsdam Bahnhofspassagen.


2009 - Bauhaus - architecture photos; Potsdam, Gallery at the Mobilcenter der Brandenburgischen Automobil GmbH.


2008 - The Hospital In The Outskirts - Beelitz Heilstätten Today - Potsdam Bahnhofspassagen.






Trierenberg Super Circuit 2012: Gold Medal for "Nostalgia".


100 pictures of the year 2011 of the Society for Photography GfF (contest 2012). Special Award of the Leica Camera AG for "Castle At Moonlight" and furthermore display of "Watching The Last Movie" and "On The Way With Interflug"it Interflug".


GDT Nature Photographer Of The Year 2012: 2nd place for "Between Trees" in the category plants and fungi.


Al Thani Award 2011: gold medal for „Sorrowful Waiting For The Doctor“.

Contest of the journal „Photographie“ 2011: 1st place, topic ”At The Sea", issue 9/2011 for „Tranquility“, 1st place in the in the year's ranking 2011.


8th Portrait Photo Show of the Saxonian section of the DVF 2011; Selection of the photos „The Eyes“ und „News from the Iswestja“.


DVF Championship 2011 (Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), medal for the series „At The Window“ (1st price in the category ”series").


8. AC-Foto German Mega Circuit 2011: Medal for „The Eyes“ and publication of „Against The Sun“ for the catalogue.


Potsdam Arts Award of the 12th Kunstallee 2011 for the exhibition pavillion with pictures of the Series ”The Traveller" and ”On The Way".


Trierenberg Supercircuit 2011: gold medal of excellence for „In the cold“, silver medal of the VÖAV for „Between Pumpkins“, publication of „In Dissent“ and „Meeting Between Beeches“ for the catalogue.


Photo contest of the University of Potsdam 2011; 1st Place for ”At The Microscope“.


100 Pictures Of Years 2010 of the Society for Photography GfF (contest 2011): special price for ”Smoking Train“. Display of ”Uta's Eyes“ and ”In The Cold“.


Fotoforum Award (journal ”Fotoforum”): 2nd place in the year's ranking 2010.


Contest of the journal ”c’t Digitale Fotografie” (Heise online contest): 1st place for the theme ”Railway“ 4/2010.


100 Pictures Of Years 2009 of the Society for Photography GfF (contest 2010): special price for „Memorial“. Display of ”Three In The Desert“.


5th Berlin-Brandenburg Championship 2010 of the Society for Photography GfF: special price for”Foggy Alley“and Display of ”Into the Light“.


Galeria de Arte AFK, Lisbon

“Photography is my medium to act out those of my creative talents that I have to neglect at my daily work as a cell biologist. I am very open-minded with my photographic themes. I prefer available light and clearly composed pictures with a discreetly arranged motive. I want to stimulate the imagination of the viewer and to tell a story that emotionally touches him, since sensing emotions is the prerequisite to keep pictures sticking in the viewer's mind. In this context, image processing should only support the expression of the picture and help to mediate the intended mood to the viewer.(…)” Ralph Graef

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