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Art Gallery AFK



7 December 2012 – 7 January 2013





After the six gold medals won in one of the most important international competitions (Trierenberg Super Circuit, 2012), the portuguese artists DDiArte formed by Zé Diogo and Diamantino Jesus, present their work in the AFK Art Gallery, Lisbon.


The exhibition which runs from December 7 to January 7, adds to works already awarded as "Cupid's Playground", three new works: "Dante's Dream", "Sacrifice" and "Corruptela."


Unavoidable work in Contemporary Photography, the "manipulation" of photography in DDiArte arises subordinated to the idea of "irreducible verosimilitude" (Fontcuberta). The "instant" photographic is expanded to "edition", which becomes implicit component of the representation. In these dynamic baroque compositions, the consummation of signs, the exaltation of the body and eroticism, make us accomplices of the overlap of fiction and "real effect" (Barthes).


Paradoxical, staging the action of "instant", the images of DDiArte never cease to surprise. The symbolic reinterpretations of mythological imaginary, Christian iconography, a juxtaposition of literature and art history are linked to a proposed contemporary artistic and subversive manipulation, steeped in satire, humour, bizarre, parody, with references to "Camp”, Pop, "Kitsch" and surrealisms, the "aestheticizing” representation itself and the sarcastic (s) "identity (ies)" of the postmodern anachronisms. / Filipe Sousa

Art Gallery AFK

Rua Professor Fernando Fonseca, 21A

1600-616, Lisbon - Portugal


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