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Art Gallery AFK

Contemporary Photography


Art Gallery AFK


Group Exhibition

 October 4 - October 20, 2012

The group exhibition of Contemporary Photography that inaugurates the AFK Art Gallery on the 4th of October, it will provide a glimpse into the work of established and emerging artists from different perspectives and artistic proposals of Contemporary Photography.


The photographic act on the exposure time or space-time representation and identity, where the “index” in the meaning of Peirce  - and using the expression Joan Fontcuberta - "fade" and memory “release” , we seek to raise the topics for a reflection and an invitation to a formal and conceptual view on the exhibition.


In the vast field of Contemporary Photography and in the different contexts, the contemporary image it is also, in a post lab time, in a second time - whose concept comes to us especially from the artistic vanguards of the early XX century - a fruitful representation of ideas and cross concepts, where the photographic representation no longer question the “indexical” nature, but our own space of identity that the representation raises. / Filipe Sousa

Art Gallery AFK

Rua Professor Fernando Fonseca, 21A

1600-616, Lisbon - Portugal


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