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Peter Kemp

Peter Kemp is a freelance photographer, born and raised in the medieval center of Dutch city Delft, still his hometown. His historic surroundings have inspired him in many of his photographic projects. He uses his work to tell stories, to paint the past with the golden light and to create and capture special moods. The famous Dutch painters Vermeer, Rembrandt and Potter used the same characteristic light.


Peter Kemp is a conceptual photographer: he has imagined the details of every picture long before he releases the shutter. He freezes time in his frames, capturing mesmerizing moments of fabulous objects and fantastic people.His photography covers a wide variety of subjects: from the soft golden work inspired by the old Dutch masters of art to his glamorous photography of subtle but yet dramatic female beauty, sometimes dressed in historic attire, sometimes in edgy, contemporary fashion by young Dutch fashion talents. And sometimes transforming the sheer beauty of the human body into a subtle fine art. His work opens a passage to a different dimension, that takes the viewer on a road into a fairytale of light and color that always tells a story.



The acclaimed Series ‘Meer Verminder’ was at display in the historic city center of Delft alongside the Vermeer artifacts in the cultural center, dedicated to the work of the famous painter. Together with the municipality of Delft and the Foundation of Cultural Heritage in Delft, Peter Kemp is preparing up a sequence of this successful series.



Kemp’s work has been widely recognized, and published in prestigious photography, fashion and glossy magazines and national Dutch Newspapers, he was a special guest at the Photography Masters Conference in Italy and national photography fairs in the Netherlands, where he held extremely popular workshops. Peter was nominated for the “Hasselblad Master up and coming in 2012”, nominated among 10 Best conceptual photographers 2012 F-Awards, and runner-up on the Prix de La Photography in Paris, France. 

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