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Patty Maher

Olivier Valsecchi

Gauging the Wind

Patty Maher is an internationally recognized, award winning fine art photographer and artist based in
Caledon, Ontario, Canada. The inspiration for her art comes from an exploration of the feminine in the
context of both natural and urban settings. Working primarily through staged portraiture and selfportraiture
Maher is widely known for hiding or obscuring the faces of her subjects often only using
only posture, gesture, symbol and colour to convey emotion and story. Maher explores the inner worlds
of her subjects while at the same time considering notions of personal space, boundaries of identity and
the relationship of the individual to the larger world. Her goal with each photo and series is to create
pieces that disrupt the boundaries between real life and the otherworldly; the surreal and the
commonplace. In the telling of visual stories she invites the viewer to become a co-creator in meaning,
leaving the stories open ended but touching on basic and universal emotions.

Patty Maher was born in Toronto and completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in English
Literature at the University of Guelph. Her work as a fine art photographer began in 2010 and since
then has been featured on bookcovers and recognized in numerous online and print publications around
the world including a video interview with Yahoo Productions created for the series "The Weekly
Flickr". Patty has also received recognition in prestigious photography contests including the PX3 Prie de
la Photography Paris, Moscow International Foto Awards, the International Color Awards and the
International Photography Awards.



1987-1989 University of Guelph Master of Arts
1983-1987 University of Guelph Bachelor of Arts


May 2017: Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
March 2017: Affordable Art Fair NYC
June - September 2016: Festival Photo de Montmelian - Juried Large Scale Show
May 2016: Garrett Museum of Art in Indiana, "Essence of Woman" - Juried Show
May 2015: Garrett Museum of Art in Indiana, "Essence of Woman" - Juried Show
January 2014: Photo Place Gallery, Group Exhibition "Figures/Context" - Juried Show
March 2013: Perspective Gallery Group Exhibition, Illinois “Lens 2013” – Juried Show
November 2012: Dark Room Gallery Group Exhibition, Vermont “Red” – Juried Show
October 2012: The Dam Gallery, Alton Group Exhibition “Equinox” – Juried Show
September 2012: Hills of the Headwaters Group Exhibition Caledon– Juried Show


Moscow International Foto Awards 2017, Gold Medal Self Portrait "And Then You Just Let Go"
PDN Photo Annual 2017 Winner, Personal Work Category "And Then You Just Let Go"
Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 Nomineee, Professional Fine Art "And Then You Just Let Go"
International Color Awards 2017 1st place Outstanding Achievement, Professional Fine Art "Land Line"
International Color Awards 2017 Honourable Mention, Professional Fine Art "Grounded"
International Photography Awards 2016 Honourable Mention "The Quiet Storm"
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 10th 2016, Fine Art, Silver Medal "The Story of Eve"
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 10th 2016, Fine Art, Bronze Medal "The Quiet Storm"
Moscow International Foto Awards 2016, 2nd Place, People: Self Portraits
International Photography Awards 2015 Honourable Digitally Altered Fine Art
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 9th 2015, Fine Art, Bronze Medal "The Lies We Tell"
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris - White Theme , Fine Art Honourable Mention 2015
Photolife Magazine - Winner of Emerging Photographer Award 2015
International Photography Awards - One Shot "Home" Honourable Mention 2015

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris - Fine Art 2nd Place, People's Choice 2013
Photographers Forum 33rd Annual Spring Photography, Contest 2nd place 2013
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris – Self Portrait 2012, Honourable Mention “Seasons”


November 2017: Minotaur Press, Stay Hidden – Cover
March 2017: Other Press, Who You Think I Am – Cover
August 2016: Harper Collins Canada, The House without Windows - Cover
April 2016: Actes Sud, Heaven - Cover
December 2015: Orion Publishing, The Daughter's Secret - Cover
September 2015: Actes Sud, Personne Ni Disparait - Cover
January 2015: Ombres Noires, Prière d'achever - Cover
April 2014: Rivages Publisher, Larmes - Cover
November 2013: Let Me Tell You a Story - Book
October 2013: Garzanti Libre, L'amore in un giorno di pioggia - Cover
September 2013: Ballantine Publishers, The Wishing Thread – Cover
March 2013: Headline Publishing, A Heart Bent out of Shape - Cover
February 2013: Begravt i glömska - SWEDEN - Cover
November 2012: La fille de l'hiver - Cover
October 2012: Press 53 - Blood Sisters of the Republic – Cover
October 2012: Armida Publications - Tell Me a Tale – Cover

Selected Features

February 2018 F-Stop Magazine Beauty issue - Feature
January 2018 Worbz - Feature
January 2018 Design Crush - Feature
August 2017 Tabi Labo - Feature
August 2017 Novam Artem - Feature
May 2017 Photogrist Photo Magazine - Feauture
May 2017 Worbz - Feature
April 2017 COOPH - Feature
February 2017 Photoed Magazine - Feature
July 2016: Art a un Click -Feature
March 2016: My Modern Met - Interview
March 2016: The Photo Argus - Interview
March 2016: The Artbo - Feature
February 2016: Conceptual Magazine 5th Issue Surreal Fashion - Print Feature
February 2016: Nifty Shutter - Interview
September 2015: Ephotozine - Interview
June 2015: Design Taxi - Feature
May 2015: Flickr Blog - Feature
April 2015: PhotoEd Magazine Spring Issue - Issue #43 Story Telling - Print Feature
April 2015: Lookfilter, Featured Stories: Interview
April 2015: Organiconcrete - Feature
February 2015: Lamono Magazine - Feature
January 2015: The Weather Network - Feature
January 2015: Viralnova - Feature
January 2015: ArtAbout Issue 12 - Print Feature
January 2015: F Stop Lounge - Feature
December 2014: Visual Artistry Magazine Volume 17 Print Feature
December 2014: In My Bag - Feature/Tutorial
March 2014: Phlearn - Interview
January 2014: 121 Clicks - Interview
October 2013: You, Me and Charlie - Interview
July 2013: Canadian Photography Online - Interview
July2013: Curating the Unseen - Interview
July 2013: My Modern Metropolis
June 2013: Yahoo Productions, Flickr Blog
October 2012: Fluster Magazine
October 2012: Fourx5 Magazine Issue 8
July 2012: Golden Age Issue 9 Feature and cover
July 2012: The D Photo
June 2012: The Paper Tree Issue 1
May 2012: Get Inspired Magazine
April 2012: We See It Volume 5
April 2012: Rebel Imprint Volume 1
March 2012: Musetouch Issue 19
February 2012:Whitezine
February 2012: Professional Photography Blog
February 2012: Anormalmag
January 2012: Le mag Darqroom
January 2012: Urban Muser

Stock Representation

Trevillion Images
Arcangel Images
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