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 Kim Sung-Jin

Art Gallery AFK

HYPERREALISM | Painting | For price and availability, please contact the Gallery

“Rational in his choice of approach, Kim Sung Jin is aware of the obvious implications carried by the lips as a primary medium for human communication, as well as interaction of the most intimate kind. Interested in such divided perceptions, Kim therefore deconstructs the body to transform a single part into a symbol, and in doing so explores the lips as a vessel that expresses desire under the facade of a controlled, objective piece of documentation. […] Comprehending the expected inclination of hyperrealism as one that deems on the surface to represent everything, Kim coyly manipulates this propensity and tunes the perceptive nerves to sharpen the sensory nerves into ripen a relationship of palpable intimacy. Like so, Kim continues to exploit the features of hyperrealism by capturing an up-close focus, imitating a photographic documentary to prompt an implication of obsession that may even further the sensual fixation along with the eccentric charm of his slight opening or closing of his lips. The formality of his execution served together with his premeditated intelligence occupies his canvas with great delusion, channeling viewers to lose their spectacle in the intensely described, three-dimensional lips.” Christie’s LOT NOTES / about two pieces in auction: The Lip - I & II / oil on canvas / 73 x 116.5 cm

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