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Kalliope Amorphous

Kalliope Amorphous is a visual artist best known for her extensive work in self-portait photography. Assuming the roles of model, stylist, and photographer, she uses her own image as a prop to create the protagonists of her visual stories. A self-taught photographer, Amorphous creates her own alternative processes and methodologies using handmade and alternative lighting as well as experimenting with textiles, surfaces, mirrors, and in-camera distortion techniques. Much of Amorphous’ work uses reflections, blur, mirrors, and multiple exposure to lead the viewer through the artist’s favorite themes — identity, mortality, time, and consciousness. In addition to self-portrait photography, Amorphous continues to explore various forms of experimental photography and alternative processes in creative, conceptual, and new media.Kalliope has received worldwide recognition for her work in conceptual photography and her photographs have been published and exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. She currently divides her time between Providence, Rhode Island and New York City.

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My images reflect my love of mythology, paradox, and the juxtaposition of light and dark, beauty and beast. I am continually drawn to concepts involving the subconscious, alienation, time, memory, deconstruction, duality and transcendence. Rather than approaching self-portraiture from a purely autobiographical perspective, I enjoy exploring the boundaries between "self” and “other” through the creative interpretation of identity, archetype, myth, and memory. By embracing the roles of stylist, photographer, and model, I can more deeply explore my conceptual ideas as the subject that is integrated into, rather than separate from the photograph. I am also interested in the visual representation of states of consciousness and ephemera, and the ways in which the deliberate invocation of entropy can create beauty.My non-self portrait bodies of work express similar sensibilities, and are explorations and aspects of the same world.

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