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Kalliope Amorphous

Glass Houses: Self-Portraits In A Moving Mirror



"Glass Houses is a series of self portraits exploring the malleability of identity through the use of flexible mirrors. Through the distortion of my physical form, I explore the fragmentation of identity as well as the hidden self which is often underlaid beneath the facade of our physical exteriors. In this project, I confront questions of self-image and the ways in which our interior worlds conflict with our exterior form. How does the image that we present to the world differ from what we see when we look in the mirror? If our desires, fears, secrets and vulnerabilities were manifested physically, what might they look like? To create these images, I capture split-second deconstructions of my own reflection by manipulating flexible mirror boards made from polyester film.The light and color sensitivity of the surface is similar to water, creating a reflection which passes through countless configurations in a fraction of a second." K.A.

Fine Art Photography. Limited Editions Prints | For price and availability, please contact the Gallery  

Studies In Time



"Studies In Time is a collection of self-portraits created using Stroboscopic techniques. In the 1930's, Professor Harold Eugene Edgerton transformed the stroboscope from a laboratory instrument to a common device. Stroboscopic art photography was first pioneered by Gjon Mili in the 1940’s to freeze successive actions in a single frame. For these photographs, I use either a handmade stroboscope or flashing strobes. Using either flashes of light or mechanical interruption of the shot, these images are captured sequentially rather than instantaneously. By changing the papers used in the mechanical stroboscope and using an early DSLR Camera, I create texture and intentional graininess in certain images. With other images, such as the In Dreams series, the papers chosen for the stroboscope lend a luminescent and painterly quality to the images. While this technique has the ability to capture multiple actions in a single frame, I often choose longer exposures to create a more subtle rendering of the sequential actions, distorting the movement in more variety and detail than long exposure alone. I am currently working with different variations of the stroboscopic technique." K.A.

Fine Art Photography. Limited Editions Prints | For price and availability, please contact the Gallery  

Resurrecting Ophelia



"Resurrecting Ophelia is a series of conceptual self-portraits exploring the archetype of Ophelia. These images explore the idea of water as both womb and tomb —the element of water as it relates to birth, death, and regression. Ideas of isolation and alienation are prominent for me in this series, as Ophelia presents herself to me as both the demanding and the contemplative ghost.


Inspired by the moods of Pre-Raphaelite paintings and early narrative photography, these photographs were made with available light and without heavy post-processing or digital effects. All of the effects in this series were created in-camera using various surfaces such as positioning of the scene behind glass, veils, screens and handmade textures." K.A.

Fine Art Photography. Limited Editions Prints | For price and availability, please contact the Gallery  


Dietrich's Mirror: Portraits In The Mirrors Of Marlene Dietrich  


“Dietrich’s Mirror is a series of self-portraits taken in mirrors belonging to the late Marlene Dietrich. The first images in this series were taken in a mirror which shattered in transit from the auction house. While I was initially disappointed that the oldest and rarest of the mirrors (a travel mirror Dietrich owned in the 1930s) had arrived broken, I used the loss as an opportunity to create this set of darker, fragmented images.


In addition to my interest in mythology and superstitions surrounding reflections and mirrors, I often incorporate them into my work as symbols of spiritual and psychological states. I am interested in the provenance of Marlene Dietrich’s mirrors as a type of liminal canvas -a canvas which once belonged to an icon known for her use of mirrors and her meticulous crafting of image.” K.A.


Fine Art Photography. Limited Editions Prints | For price and availability, please contact the Gallery  

Mixed Signals: The Art Of Glitch


" Mixed Signals is a series of photographs exploring the entropy of digital media. Through the manipulation and corruption of high definition television broadcast signals, I force commercials, talk shows, and infomercials to break form at specific moments, subverting their message and capturing the painterly beauty of their decay and disintegration. 


A blend of glitch art, generative art, and photography, this series highlights the beauty of errors and brokenness which can emerge from the world of airbrushed, high definition imagery. Through the careful invocation of flaws, surreal narratives emerge from the chaotic breakdown of facade." K.A.

Digital Art. Limited Editions Prints | For price and availability, please contact the Gallery  

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