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Irena Chrul 

 Irena Chrul. Painting


Irena Chrul is known for her dramatic figurative art. Painting primarily in oils on linen,

her large scale images reflect her former experience in costume design.


A German national, Chrul began, parallel to her art studies, her career in Poland where she created costumes for theater and exposed her earliest artworks at the prestigious gallery Zacheta of Warsaw. After her graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Posen, she spent more than twenty-five years in Hamburg working in multimedia and design for several international companies. She recently resided in the Tuscan town of Lucca in Italy before moving to Montreal in 2013.


As an artist, Chrul’s goal is to express the truth in an authentic form independent of the influence of one particular school. For her, art - like life - is an experience being lived in a given place and at a given time.

The situations she meets form small poetic scenarios she assembles through a process of storyboard before giving birth to an artwork. It is in the art itself that she finds her deep roots and draws her inspiration.


Chrul exposed in Montreal, New York City, Warsaw, Hamburg, Lucca, Venice, and Abu Dhabi. Her work can be found in the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco and Museum für angewandte Kunst München (Munich)

as well as in many private collections.




Academy of Fine Arts of Posen – Poland






Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur. Montreal


Palazzo Marin.Venice

ADACH Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage. Abu Dhabi

Beach ROTANA Abu Dhabi


Villa Bottini - X7 Arte. Lucca


Palazzo Michiel da Brusa. Venice

Cappella delle Zitelle Borgo a Mozzano. Lucca

Academy Montegral - Convento dell'Angelo. Lucca

Chiesa di Santa Giulia. Lucca


Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur. Montreal

Artelier Gallery. Lucca

Cappella delle Zitelle Borgo a Mozzano. Lucca


Allianz Polska Insurance. Warsaw


Atelier "Oasis". Montreal


Phoenix Gallery - Atelier "Oasis". Montreal


Karin Klesper Gallery. Jesteburg

Art Hotel Lindtner Gallery. Hamburg-Harburg

Privat Bank Balindamm. Hamburg

East Village Gallery. New York



Theater Costume Design



Szymanowski "King Roger“

Shakespeare "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Pirandello "Giants of the Mountain"

Bulgakow "The Purple Island"

Ibsen "An Enemy of the People"

Ibsen "Ghosts"

Mrozek "On Foot"





Allianz Polska

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

Familie Asbach

Museum für angewandte Kunst, Munich


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