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Bart Ramakers


Art Gallery AFK


Bart Ramakers was born in Belgium, 1963








“De Apotheose van Flore” (reprise), De Notelaer, Notelaersdreef 2, Hingene (Bornem),April – October 2015.



Gemluc Art 2015, Monaco, October 11th- 20th, 2015 (invité d’honneur).



Opening exhibition “Het Atelier”, Roland Renskade 41, Aarschot, July 24th- September 26th 2015, together with Dany Tulkens, Jan Rosseels, Eline ‘t Sant, Roland Rens, Dré Peeters, Haute Cuisine and many others.



Leopold 22 Art Gallery, exhibition with recent photographs (2015), the new book “Trouble in Paradise” and more works by Alex Timmermans,Frédéric Fontenoy, Dany Tulkens, Haute Cuisine. Zeedijk 716 Knokke,

August 1st – September 27th 2015.



“In the Name of the Rose”, international group exhibition, Galerie Hans Persoon, Hees 4D, Eersel (NL),

July 1st – August 31st 2015.



International group exhibition “One big Family”, “Such stuff as dreams are made on” on display (with Hans Op de Beeck, Koen Vanmechelen, Wim Delvoye, Delphine Boel, Fred Bervoets, Dany Tulkens, Bart Ramakers …), Landcommanderie Alden-Biesen, July 3rd – August 30th 2015.



“Trouble in Paradise”, retrospective solo exhibition 2009-2015 topped with a fine selection of new works. Hoste Art Residence, Nieuwe Gentweg 118, 8000 Brugge,

 July 4th- August 23rd 2015.  



Art Monaco, July 9th – 12th, 2015, with Hoste Art Residence.



“Inside the portrait”, group exhibition, Galerie Emilie Dujat @ 69, Rue Defacqz 69,

Brussels, June 6th – 28th, 2015.



International group exhibition “Sweet 18″, first presentation of 3-screen video “Minuet in C minor” – with also works by Erwin Olaf, Cindy Sherman, Wim Delvoye, Philippe Starck, Walter Van Beirendonck. Kasteel d’Ursel, Hingene,

May 1st – July 5th 2015.



Art Fair Hong Kong, 22 – 24 May, 2015.



Sander Bimmel invites: Bart Ramakers & Dany Tulkens, Verwersstraat 29, ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL),

March 31st – May 31st 2015.



International group exhibition, Galerie Hubert Konrad, 32 Avenue Matignon, Paris (FR), April 2015.



Per la Casa invites: Bart Ramakers, Naamsevest 144, Leuven, February 28th – May 3rd 2015.



International group exhibition “One big Family” (with Hans Op de Beeck, Koen Vanmechelen, Wim Delvoye, Delphine Boel, Fred Bervoets, Dany Tulkens, Bart Ramakers …), Landcommanderie Alden-Biesen, February 6th – April 12th and July 3rd – August 30th 2015.



“Antichambre des Merveilles”, Cabinet de Curiosités, international group exhibition, Galerie Art Ligue, 9, rue des Arquebusiers, Paris 3e (FR), April 4th to 9th, 2015.



“Open des Artistes de Monaco”, international group exhibition, Galerie l’Entrepôt, Monaco,

February 10th – March 11th 2015.



Group exhibition “Contemporary Photography” (with Bart Ramakers, Frederic Fontenoy, Anthoy Mirial, Claude Alexandre, Jean Pierre Leloir), Galerie Hubert Konrad,32 Avenue Matignon, Paris (FR), December 16th 2014 -February 17th 2015.




Leopold 22 Gallery, Antwerp, December 1st – December 31st 2014 (with Haute Cuisine and Dany Tulkens).



Group exhibition “SubLUMINAL”, Kasteel Le Paige, Herentals, November 22nd – December 28th 2014

(with Peter Snijder, Filip Sterckx, Eline ‘t Sant, …)



Fotofever Paris, Stand Galerie Emilie Dujat, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (FR), November 14th-16th 2014

(with Frédéric Fontenoy and Stéphane Gizart).



Gemluc Art, international group exhibition, Auditorium Rainier III, Monaco,

November 16th -26th 2014.



“Strangers in the Night”, solo exhibition in hotel Le Berger, Rue du Berger 24, Brussels, October 10th-November 26th 2014, in collaboration with Galerie Emilie Dujat and Neo Retro Agency.



“The Naked Truth”, duo-exhibition with Dany Tulkens, CC De Markthallen, Herk-de-Stad, September

28th-October 26th 2014.



Gallery 3000Knokke: Zeedijk 675 Knokke, July 11th – September 25th 2014 (with Dany Tulkens,

Philippe De Smedt and Haute Cuisine).



“De Apotheose van Flore”, De Notelaer, Notelaersdreef 2, Hingene (Bornem),

April 21st – October 2014.



Amor Aeternus, Galerie Emilie Dujat @ 69, Rue Defacqz 69, Brussels,

February 13th – 27th, 2014.



“Queen of Hearts and other Lovers”, in Tr3s, Muntstraat 20, Leuven, January 28th – June 29th 2014.




B•Art, Flanders Expo, Art Gent, November 30th – December 3rd 2013 (with Dany Tulkens).



Fotofever, Tour & Taxis, (stand Galerie Emilie Dujat), Brussels – October 4th – 6th 2013.



“Pleine Lune”, Galerie Emilie Dujat, Ernest Allardstraat 22, Brussel (Zavel),

 September 26th – October 6th 2013.



“Abyssinia: Mind the Gap”: Batenborch, Peutie, June 26th – August 15th 2013.



“Nus au soleil”, Galérie Emilie Dujat, Rue Ernest Allard 20, Brussels: group exhibition,

July 4th – September 1st 2013.



“Tres Rouge”, in Tres, Muntstraat 20, Leuven, April 28th – June 29th 2013.



“‘t Rood Huys nodigt uit: Bart Ramakers”, in ‘t Rood Huys, Parijsstraat 62, Leuven,

 April 28th – June 29th 2013.



“L’Homme”, Galérie Emilie Dujat, Rue Ernest Allard 20, Brussels: group exhibition,

April 16th – June 30th 2013.



“Abyssinia: Mind the Gap”: Leuven, February 20th – March 15th 2013.




“From Purgatory”, Grote Markt 9 Diest, December 4th – 16th 2012 (Kunstkaai Diest).



“Trinities”, Sint-Michielskerk Leuven, October 6th – 21st 2012. 



Exposition “Kasteel de Spoelberch” with Dany Tulkens: Lovenjoel,

September 23rd – October 3rd 2011.


“Passions” (exposition with Alain Poncelet): Leuven, June 9th – September 30th, 2011.


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