Art Gallery AFK


The artists Diamantino Jesus (1969) e Zé Diogo (1966), were born in Madeira Island, Portugal. In 2003 they created the art project DDiArte



Exhibitions (selection)


2016 - Group, "Staging and Revelation IV". Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon. Portugal.

2015 - Group, "Staging and Revelation III". Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon. Portugal.

2014 - Solo, DDiArte. Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon. Portugal.

2014 - Group, "Staging and Revelation II". Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon. Portugal.

2013 - Group, "Staging and Revelation". Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon. Portugal.

2013 - Solo, "DDiArte". Art Gallery AFK, Lisbon. Portugal.

2012 - Group, "Contemporary Photography". Art Gallery AFK,

Lisbon.  Portugal. 

2011 - Solo, “Corpo e Alma”, Alliance Underground Museum. Portugal.

2011 - Solo, “Família – Universo de Afetos”, Fnac-Madeira. Portugal.

2011 - Group, “Fotógrafos Europeus do ano 2011”, Zoom Gallery. Brussels, Belgium.

2011 - Group, “Os livros da Bíblia” , Galeria João Paulo II. Madeira, Portugal.

2010 - “Namba Jim 3” , Eye Of Gyre Gallery, Exposição Portuguesa pela comemoração dos 150 anos sobre o “Tratado de Paz, Amizade e Comércio entre Portugal e Japão.

2009 - Solo, “Corpvs”, Museu Wurth La Rioja. Spain.

2009 - “People and Landscape”, Falkenstern Fine Art Gallery. Germany.

2008 - Group, “Corpo e material – Cinco artistas na Madeira”,  Berardo Collection, Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna. Portugal.

2006 - Solo “Miragens Perversas”. Large format photographs acquired by the Berardo Collection and gave rise to exposure in the wine headquarters.  Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal. Portugal.

2006 - Group, “Sem Qualidade”, Fora d´Oras. Madeira. Portugal.



Awards (selection)



2015 - "Trierenberg Super Circuit Photography" - GRAND PRIX Winners,

4 Gold & 1 Silver medals.

2015 - 1º Prize Gold Medal in "World Photographic Cup" in Illustrative/Art  & Bronze Medal in Commercial - Montpellier, France.


2013 - Gold Medal in “Al Thani Award of Photography”, Qatar.

2013 - Gold Medal in “WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY CUP”, USA.

2012 - "Trierenberg Super Circuit Photography" - Gold medal by "Photographic Society of America" in “Best in Show”, Gold Medal by "International Federation of Photographic Art", Gold Medal in "Digital Images General", Gold Medal in “Special Themes” “Nudes”, Gold Medal in "CANON - you can", Gold Medal in "Digital Images Experimental ".

2011 - 1º Award - "International Contemporary Master Award 2011”, World Wide Art Books in Stª Barbara. Califórnia, E.U.A.

2011 - 2 º Award Merit and Excellence Honorable Mention, "5th Annual Photography Masters Cup". Nova Iorque/Londres.

2011 - 1 º Award - EUROPEAN PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR  2010 in Fine Art by FEP, European Professional Photographer.

- Silver Camera, Two Gold Cameras, three Silver and one Bronze  in European Photographers of the Year 2011 by FEP European Professional Photographer.

2007 - Merit Medal by Federação Internacional de Arte Fotográfica (FIAP) in “VII Bienal Internacional de Fotografia XLVII Medalla Gaudi”. Spain.

2006 - Award of Excellence,  European Newspaper Award. London.

2005 - Three Medals GAUDI, “Prémio Cidade de Réus de Fotografia”. Catalunha, Spain.



Press (selection)



World Wide art Books (Califórnia, E.U.A), Obvios ( Brasil), Photopaper (E.U.A), DP Arte Fotográfica – Especial DDiArte (Portugal), Spirit (Portugal), Photo (França).

Fotógrafos madeirenses DDiArte. Representados pela Galeria de Arte AFK, Lisbon


 "The body is shown in a hedonistic, narcissistic, lifeless at times, but the classical canons of beauty and proportion are idolized and the ´Celebration of the muses` and sensuality are exposed through a photographic language full of hyper-real details."

“The human body is the material of choice for the creations of DDiArte. Often, they are the creators and protagonists of the works. Games alluring colors and bodies whisper us sarcastic stories, biting, satirical and oneiric, opening the door of the imagination to a mythological world,[..] they are moved
 by the passion for creation, the materialization of a story. Along the way, a hedonistic search for perfection, […] To describe them, and using the words of Romaric Buel, curator of one of DDiArte exhibitions: ´The two artists, Zé Diogo Jesus and Diamantino, are heirs to a remarkable European Baroque  as a whole, and the Portuguese Baroque in particular. Nothing that relates to light, form and human body is alien to them. A baroque exceed, without difficulty, all
the obstacles of neoclassicism, impressionism, cubism and abstraction to reach current and still relevant to us.` […]” Marisa Antunes | Artes e Ideias